Is your business suffering because of COVID?

You are Not Alone.

"Yelp data shows 60% of business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic are now permanent."   Yelp 9/16/2020

Finally some help without any strings attached. Some Tremendous Supporters allow us to help for FREE.

Are you Proactive or Reactive to the current situation?

Have you anticipated what the customer wants and installed tools and systems to make it easy for them to do business with you?
Or are you just thinking it's business as usual?

There are some Critical Areas you MUST Address.


Is your site User Friendly?
Does it work on Any Device?
Does any page take longer than 2 seconds to load?
Is it ADA Compliant?


Have you joined the "Touchless" world?
Do you have ways folks can buy and engage without coming into your location?
Is it Seamless?

Proximity Marketing

Do you have systems that Automatically  Reach out to Customers, inviting them to shop with you, or do you have the typical barriers up forcing them to try and find you?


Do you understand the sheer power of an effective Customer Loyalty System?
Do you have a system that can automatically reach out and invite them back if it's been awhile?

Folks, it's not about marketing more expensively,
it's about Marketing SMARTER.

Wouldn't it be great to just get Past this nightmare?

We can help and there is No Charge if you qualify.

We are in a unique position to help because of some excellent supporters.

  • Review the material.
  • See which Tools or Systems are for you.
  • Contact us and apply.
  • Time to not only recover but GROW.

We are not looking for the life we had, we are creating a new one. A New Normal."

Utah Business
April 2020


In Your Business

The goal of the program is to get you over the hump in the current situation, and then have systems and processes in place to grow.

At some point, later on in 2021, our pricing may kick in when the grants run out but for now, that isn't something to be concerned with. There will be no pricing till AFTER this Covid Nightmare is over. 

Our intent is to show you how you can do a lot on your own, particularly in regards to your online presence.


The biggest part of what we are doing is our Exclusive Proximity Marketing platform. Pay no attention to the pricing on the websites as if approved, that does not apply to you.


Has an offshore agency promised to get you a #1 Google Ranking or do a website? Did they even mention the Google Rules of Engagement?
You Don't Need them!

Most businesses take these first Three

Three that are Always FREE

Some Optional ones.

As seen on TouchlessConnect Above. Two of them are FREE to those who qualify.

Now for some Additional Tools that may interest you.



There is one area you MUST Address NOW. You may not realize it but you are a Sitting Duck for a Law Suit.

You are At Risk NOW.

Is your Online Ordering supplier Ripping you Off?

Covid has brought out a lot of borderline marketing companies, and they are interested in their bottom line, not yours.

Case in point. There are 100's of companies selling you access to going touchless and they typically $400 for setup followed by an outrageous monthly fee, usually $150. 

News Flash: you can do this on your own for very little money, and we can show you how.
In the alternative, we can set it up for a $350 setup but WITHOUT that crazy monthly fee. That alone saves you $1,800 a Year!


Because of some excellent supporters, we are in a very unique position to help you recover and grow.
Follow the steps below if you are interested.


Products & Systems

First get an understanding of the products and services we can offer. There is an extensive list just below and you may wish to avail yourself of different ones.



GooMAPS, CloserDeals and ScanOfTheDay are always free, as are many tools on SmarterConnect. Most businesses choose either appSAVE or FreeLoyalty as their add on.
bottom line, it's time to Engage your folks.



Note the form just below. We need to know a little about your business and why you need help. 



Once approved we will contact you for the next step. At no time will we require any payment information as our services are currently free for those who qualify.



Once we understand what you need, we go to work and together we formulate a plan. This will involve Web Conferencing and even some online training for you.


These answers may help you.

There is currently No Charge to those businesses who qualify. The best way to find out if you qualify is to fill out the form and apply.

Absolutely not. Any information we receive is considered private and WILL NOT be shared with any other entity of any kind. It is used solely to understand a little about you, your needs, if our systems will be of benefit to your goals, and who will qualify. See our Privacy Policy.

First of all, ScanOfTheDay, GooMAPS, appVOLV and CloserDeals are Always Free. There will never be any charges there.
At some point the only charges will be to Engage customers via. the Beacons, GeoFencing, WiFi, NFC, GooPLUS Indoor Mapping, the Customer Loyalty tool or other parts of our exclusive systems. Even if you start using a tool and decide to cancel if and when the pricing kicks in, you can drop the paid features and keep the Free ones listed above.
If and when any pricing kicks in it's month to month, cancel at any time. We have no contracts.

We give you log-in rights with your own username and password to have complete control over your system. It's up to you if you share that with others to allow them to make changes as well, you are in control.

The whole concept of appVOLV is do-it-yourself. You don't need a webmaster. shows you some great tricks.
We will work with you on the front end to get your new site up and running and it's always preferable that you own your own domain name and hosting so you aren't locked into any company, including us.
You also have the option of joining our system where we send out occasional tips, tricks, information, what is working, what isn't, etc.

Because of our Incredible Supporters.
I have been asked if this is a Phishing scam. The answer is NO, but if you are uncomfortable sharing the information we need then don't. Just continue doing what you are now doing and hope for the best.
If that's the case we do Sincerely wish you All the Best.

Ready to get started?


We need your Name, Business Name, Location, Industry, Phone, Email, and a short description on how you have been negatively affected by Covid.

If you just have questions or want to bypass the form, click this link.

*We don't share your personal info with anyone. Check out our privacy policy for more information.